Safety Camps


This five-day river safety training camp culminates in the application of moving water skills on the Willamette and McKenzie Rivers.

Three days of hands-on customized curriculum and two days on the river this camp is designed to give your child swift-water safety and basic rescue skills.


Session 1

June 15 - 19

Beginner / Intermediate 

24 spots

Session 2

July 20 - 24

Beginner / Intermediate

24 spots 

Session 3

August 03 - 07

Intermediate / Advanced
(must complete session 1 or 2 to attend)

24 spots

What to see our 2019 campers in action? 

KEZI Coverage summer camp 2019

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Safety Workshops



This single day river safety training workshop is designed to increase your knowledge and comfort in, and around moving water.


Perfect for beginner and intermediate SUP, kayak, canoe and recreational boaters who want to know what to do when you are on moving water and find yourself out of the boat.


Session 1
July 18

10am - 4pm

12 spots

Session 2

August 08

10 am - 4pm

12 spots

Skills Taught

  • Safely swimming in swift water, determining self-rescue options

  • Righting an overturned watercraft, getting yourself back in your boat

  • Fording shallow and fast-moving water utilizing various techniques

  • Learning when to deploy technical gear such as ropes, pulleys and mechanical advantage in rescue situations

  • Learn & practice communication signals to organize teams in moving water

I want kids to take away the ability to love river sports, to know how to be safe in and around whitewater and to use the amazing resources of the Willamette and McKenzie rivers, right in our backyards!

Chad Heidtke, Rapid Whitewater Owner/Instructor

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